If you are in business, no matter how large or small, odds are you will be be involved in some form of civil dispute. As you go through life in the business world, it is inevitable that something, some day, will go wrong.


The key to minimizing the effects of a modern, litigious society, is to plan ahead; preparing more than those with whom you do business
will help prevent disputes, and may give you the edge if the dispute cannot be resolved.


At Blumberg Law Group we have been representing small (and, some not so small) businesses for many, many years. We represent business owners at every stage of their existence, beginning with formation and throughout their business lives. Most business relationships are based on personal agreements, and we are expert in drafting and negotiating the contracts that suit our client’s specific, unique needs. Because we have also been litigating business disputes for decades, we know what to anticipate and
therefore, what to avoid. As with virtually everything in life, planning for the worst usually helps prevent the worst. Our goal in representing our business clients is to ensure that they are effectively managing their businesses with proper protections in place to keep them out of legal disputes. Sometimes, however, litigation is necessary, and we are
prepared to defend or pursue claims, as may be necessary.


We have been assisting business owners, and are proud to become an integral part in our clients’ business model. We are here for you to answer all of your questions, from how to collect a small debt to what to do if a tenant is late with its rent. If necessary, we litigate and offer reduced rates for our established business clients, and even contingency fee
arrangements when appropriate.




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