Civil lawsuits are typically between individuals and other individuals, or their business entities (corporations, partnerships, limited liability companies, etc.). There are occasions however, when the commission of a crime can also involve a civil wrongful act.

Civil litigation covers a wide range of legal matters, and can involve anyone, irrespective of age or financial condition. If you need to assert your rights against someone or something that has taken advantage of you or violated your rights, you may need to sue. In this case, you are a plaintiff. If, however, someone claims that you have in some way violated his or her rights, you may get sued. In this case, you are a defendant. Either way, the civil litigation process can be daunting, cumbersome, time consuming and exhausting.

Sometimes, civil disputes can be resolved informally, and prior to any court intervention. Even before a lawsuit is filed, a good, experienced attorney can help encourage and secure settlement. This process, sometimes referred to as alternative dispute resolution (ADR), can be through mediation, arbitration (binding or non-binding), or just good, aggressive negotiations with the parties or their insurance representatives. A good, experienced lawyer should only have his or her clients’ best interest in mind, which could mean working hard to find and create innovative solutions in order to avoid litigation.

Sometimes, however, litigation is inevitable. The ability to resolve a civil conflict may only be as possible as the intentions of the other side. When all else fails, a lawsuit may need to be filed, or defended, as the case may be.

We at Blumberg Law Group LLP have decades of experience litigating civil matters, both for plaintiffs and defendants. Our attorneys are proud to provide comprehensive representation at every stage of the dispute. We take pride in trying to find innovative legal solutions in a concerted effort to first avoid litigation. When all else fails, we aggressively litigate. With
decades of litigation and trial experience, Blumberg Law Group LLP embraces the process, and will effectively and passionately advocate for our clients through trial, if necessary. However the course of the litigation proceeds, our primary concern and consideration is effective
representation in whatever way serves our clients’ best interests.

Blumberg Law Group LLP can help you with virtually any civil litigation need. Some of the more prominent fields include:

  -  Real Estate
  -  Mortgage fraud cases
  -  Broker and lender liability (loan misrepresentation)
  -  Americans with Disabilities Act
  -  Breach of Contracts and other constructional related disputes
  -  FraudPartnership disputes
  -  Corporation and partnership dissolution
  -  Real estate litigation over purchase transactions, titles, boundaries, etc.
  -  Business fraud actions, such as misrepresentation, negligence, and interference with contractual relations and with prospective economic advantage
  -  Construction litigation, representing subcontractors, contractors and owner
  -  Breach of fiduciary duty
  -  Landlord-tenant disputes, both commercial and residential (leases, security deposits, pets, and unlawful detainer)

We at Blumberg Law Group LLP have decades of experience litigating civil matters for individuals and businesses, both as plaintiffs and defendants.

General Civil Litigation & Insurance Practices include:


  -  Lease disputes
  -  Lease term (covenant) compliance/enforcementUnlawful Detainer
  -  Forcible Detainer
  -  Collections


  -  Collections
  -  Enforcement of civil judgments
  -  Writs
  -  Levies
  -  Real property attachment
  -  Contract Enforcement and compliance
  -  All aspects of contract disputes
  -  Vendor relations
  -  Supplier relations
  -  Lease matters
  -  Employer/employee relations
  -  Agreements
  -  Employee vs. Independent Contractor
  -  Confidentiality
  -  Covenants not to compete
  -  Wrongful termination
  -  Sexual harassment
  -  Hostile work environment
  -  Trade secrets
  -  Proprietary information matters and disputes
  -  All aspects of labor disputes and enforcement
  -  Corporate Structure Disputes
  -  Partnership agreements
  -  Shareholder disputes




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